A picture worth a thousands words. In order to bring an image or few that move people’s heart and emotion, a photographer and his team have to shoot hundreds of pictures. To be able to select that perfect image that can fullfill every detail required for the campaign to acomplish the goal, it is never an easy work indeed. Only a strong will and passion shall drive the photographer to bring out the best in every aspect.

Surya Hari Wibawa

Finished Photography 3 years diploma from ADVY, Yogyakarta, he taught for several years on his college. Started a career as photographer in Calista, Yogyakarta. He moved to Jakarta in 2004. His works in initial ads  won Citra Pariwara award 2013, Cannes awards in 2013. Surya has been with TIGA13ELAS from the very beginning.

Paulus Emanuel

Specializes in automobile, product, still-life, and architectural photography. Hardworking, high-self-motivating,.. he is very focused and serious with any projects. His patience and detail oriented character shown on his high quality photographs. As a self taught photographer, he had trained several years in traditional photography (non-digital) and adapted into digital world very well.

Andry Dilindra

Studied Criminology in University of Indonesia lead to different path for Andry. His interest to photojournalism and social critics add unique perspective to his commercial works. His works in initial ads has won Citra Pariwara award 2013. Andry joined TIGA13ELAS in 2012.



To enhance and to do the magic of the impossible things in creative ideas. They are the magician in modern days visual field.


We support in any (im)possible ways to
make any kind of things happen.

Budget Estimates Scouting Location & Permit Setting Casting
Stylist : Fashion, wardrobe, makeup, hair, product, food, etc
Travel Food & DrinkEquipment

Studio Rental

Need a studio for photo or video shoot? We provide a different level of experience for your studio session. Please download our TERMS & CONDITION of OMAH 13 Studio and call us foravailability.

Finance & Management

We take care all expenses for meeting, preparation, production, photo / video session, editing process, billing and tax.
We also provide the paper work for contract and agreement for long term working relationship. With help of expertise we assist the team